Cannabis Technology

Right now the paper trail norm in the – 50 billion dollar cannabis industry – exists as thousands of paper files in filing cabinets. However, technology is rapidly adapting to the cannabis industry. Whether it is working towards improvements on the agriculture side or data driven decision-making through cloud computing, technology is being used to solve some challenging issues in this new industry.

It is predicted that technology’s growth in the cannabis industry will eventually outpace the growth of the industry itself.

Today, there are many agricultural and security technologies used on the growing end, but also tools ranging from dispensary robots  to APIs to help sell cannabis in a way that’s convenient, transparent, and compliant with regulations.

Those are important steps because as cannabis becomes a commodity and margins decrease, success will favor those using efficiency-boosting best practices and tools already commonplace in the rest of the business world.

As technology changes and gets more complex it is important to have a partner like PowerMellon to help you navigate the changes and ensure your business continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Powermellon can help:

  • Protect your electronic resources – and ensure legally mandated policy is adhered.
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.
  • Maintain your computer network for a stable, rock-solid foundation for your firm.

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