Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) is the proactive, remote tracking of network and computer health. RMM helps to enhance the overall performance of technical support systems and take advantage of resources in a much better manner.

RMM occurs through a collection of information technology tools that are loaded to client workstations and servers. These tools gather information regarding the applications and hardware operating in the client’s location as well as supply activity reports to the IT service provider, allowing them to resolve any issues.

As IT service providers, we employ RMM tools to effectively handle clients’ IT requirements. With RMM, we can increase productivity by monitoring and quickly resolving issues even before our clients experience issues in their environment.

The RMM is capable of detecting problems, reporting them back to the service providers, and permitting technical experts to fix these problems remotely through agent technology. In addition, RMM solutions offer highly effective management and maintenance functions.

Some of the Benefits to Clients:
• SMBs can enjoy enterprise-level automation and monitoring
• Issues are detected before they become major problems and avoid system failure
• IT service providers can decrease site visits and associated costs
• Clients pay a fixed monthly price to keep their IT up and running
• Optimal network stability is achieved through proactive maintenance
• The life of devices can be extended with improved performance
• Reduces surprises and maximizes uptime

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